Christmas has come early

As you’ve probably gathered, Mum and Dad pretty much spend their whole lives entertaining me…taking me out…and buying me prezzies. Now that the Christmas ranges are hitting the shops, Mum just can’t help but pick up the odd little toy to put a smile on my face (note from Hector’s Mum: actually, to keep him busy for two whole minutes…if we’re lucky).

Yesterday, she came home with this:


Less than 24 hours later, it looks like this:


The sound it makes is incredible! So loud! I’ve been pushing it up against Dad’s legs to get the full effect. Brilliant. Pretty sure the neighbours love it too.

Can’t wait to see what my actual Christmas present will be now. Perhaps it’ll be a giant squeaky Octopus? Or a stocking full of treats? Christmas Pudding flavour ice cream maybe? Or perhaps Mum will persuade Dad that I really do need a doggy friend? (Hint, hint).

H x


Hector’s January gallery

Sorry it’s been a while. Mum and Dad have had a busy few weeks…and so have I. Might the two be connected?! Anyway, check out these photos for a small taster of what I’ve been up to – and how big and curly I have become 🙂

Please note, however, that this gallery does not include any shots of me being ‘in detention’ at puppy class, ripping Dad’s jeans, or pinching food off the kitchen counter. Well, everyone deserves the right to a little editorial control, right?

H x

Hector peeking over the wall

Since the storm blew down the fence, I ‘chat’ to the next door neighbour over the wall. Anything on that BBQ for me?

Hector smiling

A fine set of gnashers, that’s what I’ve been growing. Needle sharp apparently – I have several testimonials to that effect.

Black guinea pig

No, this isn’t a mistake. I have been doing a LOT of looking at Mum’s guinea pigs. There’s no harm in looking…

Hector on sofa with sock

Yes, that is Mum’s sock. And yes, that is MY sofa.

Hector's first bone

Nom nom nom. First bone. Nom Nom.

Hector and his ropey toy

Do I look like I need such a low-brow toy? Really? If only Fortnum & Mason made dog toys…


In the sin bin

Although everyone can see that I’m just a fun loving kinda guy, even I admit that I can be a bit over the top sometimes. This is normally when Mum starts saying ‘calm down’ and I totally ignore her or go and hide under the reclining sofa. But I think I might have taken it a bit too far today (er… and yesterday and the day before).

From the minute I got up, I barked at Dad to play with me…and pulled his socks, his pyjamas, his hands, his arms…you get the picture. And I barked and barked for two whole hours to get his attention. All I wanted was some supersonic action and tearing round the house and treats and a biting session and tug of war and the snake game and a walk and Mr Poindexter and the rope thing and my Kong Wobbler and my squeaky space hopper and a play in the paddling pool. Is that too much to ask?

Ok, maybe the space hopper just pushed it over into the realm of ridiculous. Anyway, I’m sorry Dad!! You’re just such a great person to play with. Especially when I get to lick your beard afterwards 🙂

Here I am being good, just in case you had forgotten what it looks like.

Hector on slobbery cushion

Mmm…chicken Kong… (said in best Homer Simpson voice)

H x