Day of the devil

It’s been a while, I know. I’m sorry. It’s just that I’ve been sooooooo busy…erm…keeping Mum and Dad on their toes.

Honestly, it’s like a full time job. Every day I have to invent new ways to make sure they stay on top form. It’s so tiring!

This one was probably one of my best though. Perch the Bonio right on the edge of the rug, then pounce on it and push it under the sideboard. All the makings of a classic:


Speaking of classics, I pulled a textbook move today at Granny and Grandad’s. When we came in from running around in the garden, Mum got distracted for a minute and during that tiny window, I skipped off (la la la) round the corner right into the stinky pond.

Man it felt good. Mum was a bit too preoccupied to take any photos of it, but think ‘hippo in mud’ and you’ll be on the right track.

Unfortunately, ‘pond gate’ did lead to me having to have a bath – with three lots of shampoo to get rid of all the sludge – but it was well worth it. And as an added bonus, Mum decided to buy me my own ‘pond’ later in the day with the hope of discouraging a repeat (yeah right)!

H x

Where's the pond weed? Why can I see the bottom? Why doesn't this pond smell bad?

Where’s the pond weed? Why can I see the bottom? Why doesn’t this pond smell bad?



Because I’m worth it

It’s been another tough day. First, Dad took me on a morning ‘cat walk’ around the village. Then we returned home for some breakfast and a game of ‘pinch the underwear off the washing line’. Never fails to entertain!

At lunch time, we went to the pet shop where lots of nice people stroked me (note from Hector’s Mum: and stroked his ego) and we got plenty of tasty treats. Next stop, the beach. Here I am doing my best to look like a model dog…or is that a dog model?

Hope you enjoy (as much as I did)!

H x

Ears blowing - check. Far away gaze - check.

Ears blowing – check. Far away gaze – check.

Puppy dog eyes - check.

Puppy dog eyes – check.

Cornish vanilla ice cream lipstick - check.

Cornish vanilla ice cream lipstick – check.


One misty morning…

As you’re no doubt aware, we’ve been having some crazy weather in our corner of the country lately. One minute it’s scorching, the next there is thunder and lightning…movie style. I mean seriously BIG storm action (note from Hector’s Mum: admittedly, it has been loud, but even the slightest noise – like a motorbike starting – has sent H running for cover these last few days, sometimes in other people’s cars if a door is open)!

Anyway, the extreme weather has also led to some really cool mist on my favourite river in the mornings. I’ve taken to chasing it. Just like the stones that Mum and Dad throw in for me. Best. Thing. Ever.

Check out the video and pics below!

H x




Did you miss me?

Hey folks, I’m back. Sorry it’s been a while, but being such a famous hound, I have so little time to myself now. Yeah, I wish. One day. Yes, one day, someone will talent spot me…just you wait.

In preparation for that day, I’ve had a smashing haircut and have been doing LOTS of exercise. Mum even took me back to the doggy pool. It was awesome:

Bordoodle swimmimg

Yeah, I could go off by myself, but Mum has only been swimming for 30 odd years, so she might need my help. I’ll stay close to her.

Bordoodle swimming with owner

This brings a whole new meaning to joined at the hip…

And afterwards…

Tired Bordoodle

Yes, this really IS me lying down quietly. Captured on camera for all you unbelievers to see!

In other news, I recently spent a week on a lads’ holiday (at home with Dad) cos Mum had to go to Singapore for work. We ate rubbish and stayed up late. Dad also let me on the sofa…brilliant!

I did manage to pick up a bit of a cough from all the midnight partying, but now I’m back on top form. In fact, I’ve been feeling so good lately that I’ve been helping out loads more round the house…gathering up laundry, making sure there are no tea towels left lying on the counter, cleaning bowls and plates, draining coffee cups. You name it, I’m your man.

H x


Doggy paddle

Keen followers of my blog will remember mention of a doggy swimming pool. Well, last weekend it actually happened!

Mum and Granny took me on a LONG drive – in fact it was so dull that I had to chew through my special seat belt just so that I could go and see Mum in the front of the car. Anyway, after about an hour we arrived at The Brook. It’s officially called a canine hydrotherapy centre and they treat lots of poorly dogs there and make them better, but to me it was just about fun 🙂

The nice man there put a thingumabob (note from Hector’s Mum: buoyancy aid) round my neck and tummy so that I could swim safely. At first I was a bit sceptical because I usually like to have my feet on the ground and splash about, but Mum kept swimming up and down in the warm water, so I decided I might as well join in too:

Bordoodle swimming

Hey! Wait for me!

We are going back in a few weeks’ time so I can perfect my doggy paddle technique. Can’t wait!

H x