Christmas has come early

As you’ve probably gathered, Mum and Dad pretty much spend their whole lives entertaining me…taking me out…and buying me prezzies. Now that the Christmas ranges are hitting the shops, Mum just can’t help but pick up the odd little toy to put a smile on my face (note from Hector’s Mum: actually, to keep him busy for two whole minutes…if we’re lucky).

Yesterday, she came home with this:


Less than 24 hours later, it looks like this:


The sound it makes is incredible! So loud! I’ve been pushing it up against Dad’s legs to get the full effect. Brilliant. Pretty sure the neighbours love it too.

Can’t wait to see what my actual Christmas present will be now. Perhaps it’ll be a giant squeaky Octopus? Or a stocking full of treats? Christmas Pudding flavour ice cream maybe? Or perhaps Mum will persuade Dad that I really do need a doggy friend? (Hint, hint).

H x


Here comes summer!

We’ve had amazing weather here over the past week…and that means lots of outdoor play! Dad took me to the big park this morning, and I went for a paddle in the river. It was great! People even came over to watch me splash about and waited around to see if I really would pull Dad off the bank into the water 🙂

Back at home, I’ve been busy seeing off the birds from MY garden and playing with my new black pig. (Note from Hector’s Mum: this is black pig number 3 – the previous ones ‘died’ of open heart surgery, apparently).

In other news, the next door neighbour gave me a sausage last week, so every time I see him in his kitchen now, I bark at him just so he knows that I’m ready for the next one!

H x