All the leaves are brown…

And, yes, the sky is pretty grey. Dreaming more of sausages than California though!

Here I am doing my ‘good boy’ routine in the park. Pretty convincing isn’t it? Hee hee 🙂

Yes, I am off the lead a big boy!

Yes, I am off the lead here…like a big boy!

Throw the stick already!!

Throw the stick already!!

H x



Easy like Sunday morning

Dad has been away this weekend, so it’s been a good opportunity to spend some quality time with Mum’s bed Mum. This picture pretty much says it all!

H x

I'll have to submit a request to 'The Management Committee' for a King Size!

I’ll have to submit a request to ‘The Management Committee’ for a King Size!

Note from Hector’s Mum: actually, that picture doesn’t even tell half the story! He snuck upstairs while I was getting changed, plundered the laundry basket for underwear, and proceeded to chew it on the bed. The real deal:

Nom nom nom...this bra tastes amazing!

Nom nom nom…this bra tastes amazing!


Because I’m worth it

It’s been another tough day. First, Dad took me on a morning ‘cat walk’ around the village. Then we returned home for some breakfast and a game of ‘pinch the underwear off the washing line’. Never fails to entertain!

At lunch time, we went to the pet shop where lots of nice people stroked me (note from Hector’s Mum: and stroked his ego) and we got plenty of tasty treats. Next stop, the beach. Here I am doing my best to look like a model dog…or is that a dog model?

Hope you enjoy (as much as I did)!

H x

Ears blowing - check. Far away gaze - check.

Ears blowing – check. Far away gaze – check.

Puppy dog eyes - check.

Puppy dog eyes – check.

Cornish vanilla ice cream lipstick - check.

Cornish vanilla ice cream lipstick – check.


The Hand of Dog

OK, so I’m not quite Rooney or Beckham, but you have to admit that my football skills are pretty unique. It’s a shame about Mum’s awful passes though…I mean how am I supposed to work with that?

And as for her commentary, well…all I can do is apologise ☺

H x

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Castle hopping

Yesterday we went to Dad’s favourite castle: Caergwrle (no, that’s not a dog spelling, it’s a Welsh one).

It was up a really steep hill, so Mum took hold of my lead and I pulled her all the way up, which she was genuinely grateful for…everyone else was trailing behind having a breather! At the top, there were some brilliant ruins to explore.

Ready, set, go!

Ready, set, go!


I know it says 'dogs on the lead' but that surely only applies to normal dogs?

I know it says ‘dogs on the lead’ but that surely only applies to normal dogs?

Once we’d sniffed seen everything up at the summit, we made our way back down to the town where we had lunch in a little sandwich bar. After sitting up proudly like a good boy, everyone gave in to my charms…mmm…turkey…ham…cheese…sausage. Yum.

Later in the day, Mum and Dad took me out to the park again (because I’d managed to do a really convincing impression of needing the bathroom…hee hee). Then, Uncle Jeremy and Auntie Lucy came round for dinner.

Auntie Lucy is lovely and I wanted so badly to kiss her face. Uncle Jeremy, on the other hand, was carrying a crutch because of his hurt leg – so naturally I barked at him ridiculously loudly until he put the offending item down and gave me a tasty treat.

All in all, not a bad day!

H x



One misty morning…

As you’re no doubt aware, we’ve been having some crazy weather in our corner of the country lately. One minute it’s scorching, the next there is thunder and lightning…movie style. I mean seriously BIG storm action (note from Hector’s Mum: admittedly, it has been loud, but even the slightest noise – like a motorbike starting – has sent H running for cover these last few days, sometimes in other people’s cars if a door is open)!

Anyway, the extreme weather has also led to some really cool mist on my favourite river in the mornings. I’ve taken to chasing it. Just like the stones that Mum and Dad throw in for me. Best. Thing. Ever.

Check out the video and pics below!

H x




Adventuring again

Special trip alert! Mum and Dad took me and Molly to Fowlmead country park today. It’s an amazing place with so many great smells and trails. And because it’s built for BMXing there are loads of mud puddles too. Apparently it used to be a colliery and it has since been turned into this fantastic place to walk, run, jump, bark, sniff, walk, run, bark, pull on the lead…you get the picture.

I can’t wait to go back! That said, I really hope Mum and Dad don’t get the ‘He’s a bordoodle’ t-shirts they keep joking about before our next visit. Apparently so many people keep asking what breed I am (because I’m so handsome), that signage would be helpful ☺

H x

You've been keeping track of the way back, right?

You’ve been keeping track of the way back, right? 


Puppy power!

Bank holiday weekend – excellent – that means lots of dogs in the park. And lots of picnics for me to examine 😉

Even better, Dad is away this weekend for work (that’s not the good bit), so Mum has been taking me to the park by herself. She’s absolutely rubbish at walking fast, so I’ve been making sure she keeps pace by pulling really hard on the lead. It’s SO much fun. I think she’s been loving it too…especially the bit when I almost pulled her in the river – you should have heard the squeal of excitement that came out of her mouth. Honestly, it was embarrassingly loud.

Hector in the park, showing off!

Hector in the park? Nah, too well behaved.

Other than chilling at the park, we’ve spent quite a bit of time at Granny and Grandad’s this weekend. Molly has hurt her foot, so I’ve been trying to amuse myself over there (sort of). Today, I took myself upstairs and jumped on Granny’s comfy bed. Then I went into the conservatory, where I protected Grandad from a vicious dog that was standing just outside (note from Hector’s Mum: it was actually H’s own reflection in the glass). After such a dangerous and stressful incident, I went and helped myself to a pig’s ear from the back of the kitchen counter for a little light relief.

I am a good boy. It’s no wonder everybody loves me.

H x

Squirrels? Let me at 'em! (Said in best Scrappy Doo voice).

Squirrels? Let me at ’em! (Said in best Scrappy Doo voice).