All the leaves are brown…

And, yes, the sky is pretty grey. Dreaming more of sausages than California though!

Here I am doing my ‘good boy’ routine in the park. Pretty convincing isn’t it? Hee hee 🙂

Yes, I am off the lead a big boy!

Yes, I am off the lead here…like a big boy!

Throw the stick already!!

Throw the stick already!!

H x



Pom bear

Yesterday, I found a hat down the back of the sofa. And it wasn’t just any hat. It was woolly on the outside, fleecy on the inside. It had dangly ear bits and tassels. Best of all, it had a huge pom pom on top. Yesssss!!!

Here’s what happened next:

Oh, and as for the title of this post, well Grandad’s nickname for me is ‘Bear’ and Mum just loves those crazy crisp critters, so it was the perfect fit!

H x


Easy like Sunday morning

Dad has been away this weekend, so it’s been a good opportunity to spend some quality time with Mum’s bed Mum. This picture pretty much says it all!

H x

I'll have to submit a request to 'The Management Committee' for a King Size!

I’ll have to submit a request to ‘The Management Committee’ for a King Size!

Note from Hector’s Mum: actually, that picture doesn’t even tell half the story! He snuck upstairs while I was getting changed, plundered the laundry basket for underwear, and proceeded to chew it on the bed. The real deal:

Nom nom nom...this bra tastes amazing!

Nom nom nom…this bra tastes amazing!


One misty morning…

As you’re no doubt aware, we’ve been having some crazy weather in our corner of the country lately. One minute it’s scorching, the next there is thunder and lightning…movie style. I mean seriously BIG storm action (note from Hector’s Mum: admittedly, it has been loud, but even the slightest noise – like a motorbike starting – has sent H running for cover these last few days, sometimes in other people’s cars if a door is open)!

Anyway, the extreme weather has also led to some really cool mist on my favourite river in the mornings. I’ve taken to chasing it. Just like the stones that Mum and Dad throw in for me. Best. Thing. Ever.

Check out the video and pics below!

H x




Here comes summer!

We’ve had amazing weather here over the past week…and that means lots of outdoor play! Dad took me to the big park this morning, and I went for a paddle in the river. It was great! People even came over to watch me splash about and waited around to see if I really would pull Dad off the bank into the water 🙂

Back at home, I’ve been busy seeing off the birds from MY garden and playing with my new black pig. (Note from Hector’s Mum: this is black pig number 3 – the previous ones ‘died’ of open heart surgery, apparently).

In other news, the next door neighbour gave me a sausage last week, so every time I see him in his kitchen now, I bark at him just so he knows that I’m ready for the next one!

H x



Hector’s January gallery

Sorry it’s been a while. Mum and Dad have had a busy few weeks…and so have I. Might the two be connected?! Anyway, check out these photos for a small taster of what I’ve been up to – and how big and curly I have become 🙂

Please note, however, that this gallery does not include any shots of me being ‘in detention’ at puppy class, ripping Dad’s jeans, or pinching food off the kitchen counter. Well, everyone deserves the right to a little editorial control, right?

H x

Hector peeking over the wall

Since the storm blew down the fence, I ‘chat’ to the next door neighbour over the wall. Anything on that BBQ for me?

Hector smiling

A fine set of gnashers, that’s what I’ve been growing. Needle sharp apparently – I have several testimonials to that effect.

Black guinea pig

No, this isn’t a mistake. I have been doing a LOT of looking at Mum’s guinea pigs. There’s no harm in looking…

Hector on sofa with sock

Yes, that is Mum’s sock. And yes, that is MY sofa.

Hector's first bone

Nom nom nom. First bone. Nom Nom.

Hector and his ropey toy

Do I look like I need such a low-brow toy? Really? If only Fortnum & Mason made dog toys…


Dogzilla strikes again

Ah, it’s been another busy day for me. Wreaking havoc is hard work!

Today, I have: bitten Dad’s big toe (by mistake – I thought it was a shoe) so hard that it bled; stolen Grandad’s reading glasses and two of his best crossword pens; drunk out of Granny’s tea and Mummy’s cup of coffee – when they had just been made, peed on my ice pop toy in the garden; dug a hole in the flowerbed (while growling and barking at it) and tried my very best to jump over the baby gate so that I could go upstairs to find Daddy…even though I don’t actually know how to climb the stairs yet.

I also had a great time chasing my friend Molly round Granny’s and Grandad’s big field…finishing off with a lie down, yes a lie down, in the stinky pond. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings…

H x