Bear-ly there

What’s the difference between a Bordoodle and a bear?

Not a whole lot apparently!

H x

Just a dog chasing some squirrels...

Just a dog chasing some squirrels…


Just a bear scratching his claws...

Just a bear scratching his claws…


Bad hair day

Fowlmead Country Park, here I come!

Yes, you guessed it: Mum had a day off from work today so that she could get back to feeling like a proper person entertain me 🙂

We went over to Granny and Grandad’s for lunch first – and while we were there I showed off my excellent header skills with the football. Soon enough, it was time to harness up and get on the road to the park.

Molly spent the whole journey in the car trying to make a comfy bed on Mum’s back seat and I barked at the electric windows – in the hope that they would open. Sometimes they do…but I can’t quite work out who controls them…yet!

The park was awesome as ever. Birds, toadstools, fish, cyclists, ice cream. The list goes on. One thing I wasn’t quite so keen on was the extreme wind today:

Did someone say 'Chewbacca'?

Did someone say ‘Chewbacca’?

It’s hard to see all of the squirrels when you’ve got hair blowing everywhere. Even worse, it’s hard for everyone to see how handsome I really am!

H x


Holiday verdict

What a week in Wales it has been!

If I were asked to sum my holiday up in one word, I’d say…umm…’woof’. Just kidding. Dogs only ever say that in books 🙂

Seriously though, this photo pretty much tells you everything you need to know:

One hundred mile walk complete. Where next, Dad?

One hundred mile walk complete. Where next, Dad?

But, as much as it has been awesome, I am really looking forward to getting into my own bed tomorrow. There’s no place like home.

H x


Puppy power!

Bank holiday weekend – excellent – that means lots of dogs in the park. And lots of picnics for me to examine 😉

Even better, Dad is away this weekend for work (that’s not the good bit), so Mum has been taking me to the park by herself. She’s absolutely rubbish at walking fast, so I’ve been making sure she keeps pace by pulling really hard on the lead. It’s SO much fun. I think she’s been loving it too…especially the bit when I almost pulled her in the river – you should have heard the squeal of excitement that came out of her mouth. Honestly, it was embarrassingly loud.

Hector in the park, showing off!

Hector in the park? Nah, too well behaved.

Other than chilling at the park, we’ve spent quite a bit of time at Granny and Grandad’s this weekend. Molly has hurt her foot, so I’ve been trying to amuse myself over there (sort of). Today, I took myself upstairs and jumped on Granny’s comfy bed. Then I went into the conservatory, where I protected Grandad from a vicious dog that was standing just outside (note from Hector’s Mum: it was actually H’s own reflection in the glass). After such a dangerous and stressful incident, I went and helped myself to a pig’s ear from the back of the kitchen counter for a little light relief.

I am a good boy. It’s no wonder everybody loves me.

H x

Squirrels? Let me at 'em! (Said in best Scrappy Doo voice).

Squirrels? Let me at ’em! (Said in best Scrappy Doo voice).