Day of the devil

It’s been a while, I know. I’m sorry. It’s just that I’ve been sooooooo busy…erm…keeping Mum and Dad on their toes.

Honestly, it’s like a full time job. Every day I have to invent new ways to make sure they stay on top form. It’s so tiring!

This one was probably one of my best though. Perch the Bonio right on the edge of the rug, then pounce on it and push it under the sideboard. All the makings of a classic:


Speaking of classics, I pulled a textbook move today at Granny and Grandad’s. When we came in from running around in the garden, Mum got distracted for a minute and during that tiny window, I skipped off (la la la) round the corner right into the stinky pond.

Man it felt good. Mum was a bit too preoccupied to take any photos of it, but think ‘hippo in mud’ and you’ll be on the right track.

Unfortunately, ‘pond gate’ did lead to me having to have a bath – with three lots of shampoo to get rid of all the sludge – but it was well worth it. And as an added bonus, Mum decided to buy me my own ‘pond’ later in the day with the hope of discouraging a repeat (yeah right)!

H x

Where's the pond weed? Why can I see the bottom? Why doesn't this pond smell bad?

Where’s the pond weed? Why can I see the bottom? Why doesn’t this pond smell bad?



Easy like Sunday morning

Dad has been away this weekend, so it’s been a good opportunity to spend some quality time with Mum’s bed Mum. This picture pretty much says it all!

H x

I'll have to submit a request to 'The Management Committee' for a King Size!

I’ll have to submit a request to ‘The Management Committee’ for a King Size!

Note from Hector’s Mum: actually, that picture doesn’t even tell half the story! He snuck upstairs while I was getting changed, plundered the laundry basket for underwear, and proceeded to chew it on the bed. The real deal:

Nom nom nom...this bra tastes amazing!

Nom nom nom…this bra tastes amazing!


Pond dipping

Dad is away this weekend – I miss pulling on his trouser legs him loads. But to make up for the lack of action-packedness (hey, I’m a dog – I can make stuff up) at home, we’ve been spending a lot of time at Granny and Grandad’s.

Molly has been pleased to see me of course. As have the newts in the pond. And as for the cat, well, I announced my presence loud and clear to him and he offered out a paw for me to shake. But for some reason it had really sharp claws on the end of it. Strange.

Anyway, the photo diary below gives you an idea of what I’ve been up to. Enjoy!

H x


Yes, that IS pond weed on my nose.

Yes, that IS pond weed on my nose.

The Lone Wolf

The Lone Wolf

Just chilling...waiting for my afternoon tea to arrive.

Just chilling…waiting for my afternoon tea to arrive.


Puppy power!

Bank holiday weekend – excellent – that means lots of dogs in the park. And lots of picnics for me to examine 😉

Even better, Dad is away this weekend for work (that’s not the good bit), so Mum has been taking me to the park by herself. She’s absolutely rubbish at walking fast, so I’ve been making sure she keeps pace by pulling really hard on the lead. It’s SO much fun. I think she’s been loving it too…especially the bit when I almost pulled her in the river – you should have heard the squeal of excitement that came out of her mouth. Honestly, it was embarrassingly loud.

Hector in the park, showing off!

Hector in the park? Nah, too well behaved.

Other than chilling at the park, we’ve spent quite a bit of time at Granny and Grandad’s this weekend. Molly has hurt her foot, so I’ve been trying to amuse myself over there (sort of). Today, I took myself upstairs and jumped on Granny’s comfy bed. Then I went into the conservatory, where I protected Grandad from a vicious dog that was standing just outside (note from Hector’s Mum: it was actually H’s own reflection in the glass). After such a dangerous and stressful incident, I went and helped myself to a pig’s ear from the back of the kitchen counter for a little light relief.

I am a good boy. It’s no wonder everybody loves me.

H x

Squirrels? Let me at 'em! (Said in best Scrappy Doo voice).

Squirrels? Let me at ’em! (Said in best Scrappy Doo voice).


Hector takes a bath

Mum decided to give me a bath last week. My first proper one…with puppy shampoo and everything. We went round to Granny’s (because she has a bigger bath) and I was such a good boy. In fact, I loved the feel of the power shower on my back. Mmm.

Then, on Sunday, two things happened. First of all Granny managed to wash her own hair with my puppy shampoo because she picked up the wrong bottle. Should’ve gone to Specsavers 🙂

And, secondly, THIS happened:

Now that’s what I call a bath!

H x



Dogzilla strikes again

Ah, it’s been another busy day for me. Wreaking havoc is hard work!

Today, I have: bitten Dad’s big toe (by mistake – I thought it was a shoe) so hard that it bled; stolen Grandad’s reading glasses and two of his best crossword pens; drunk out of Granny’s tea and Mummy’s cup of coffee – when they had just been made, peed on my ice pop toy in the garden; dug a hole in the flowerbed (while growling and barking at it) and tried my very best to jump over the baby gate so that I could go upstairs to find Daddy…even though I don’t actually know how to climb the stairs yet.

I also had a great time chasing my friend Molly round Granny’s and Grandad’s big field…finishing off with a lie down, yes a lie down, in the stinky pond. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings…

H x


A tale of two settees

What a week it’s been. Mum and Dad have been off work, so every day we’ve been going to meet Molly (Granny’s rescue cocker spaniel who is scared of everything – except me of course – and guards her bed like the crown jewels). When we get together, we spend ages romping around in a huge paddock and there’s even a pond for me to be all Poodle-y in. It’s brilliant! I love it!

But even better than that, Mum has bought me a new bed – just look at the pics below. She also seems to have bought herself a new bed, but for some reason she doesn’t like to sit in it. Weird.

H x

Bordoodle on sofa

Here I am chilling on my new buffalo leather settee…er bed…with Mr Puppy.

Empty dog bed

Mum’s new ‘bed’ which she never sits in. In fact, she’s always trying to hog mine. She should know better!


In the sin bin

Although everyone can see that I’m just a fun loving kinda guy, even I admit that I can be a bit over the top sometimes. This is normally when Mum starts saying ‘calm down’ and I totally ignore her or go and hide under the reclining sofa. But I think I might have taken it a bit too far today (er… and yesterday and the day before).

From the minute I got up, I barked at Dad to play with me…and pulled his socks, his pyjamas, his hands, his arms…you get the picture. And I barked and barked for two whole hours to get his attention. All I wanted was some supersonic action and tearing round the house and treats and a biting session and tug of war and the snake game and a walk and Mr Poindexter and the rope thing and my Kong Wobbler and my squeaky space hopper and a play in the paddling pool. Is that too much to ask?

Ok, maybe the space hopper just pushed it over into the realm of ridiculous. Anyway, I’m sorry Dad!! You’re just such a great person to play with. Especially when I get to lick your beard afterwards 🙂

Here I am being good, just in case you had forgotten what it looks like.

Hector on slobbery cushion

Mmm…chicken Kong… (said in best Homer Simpson voice)

H x