Road trip!

On Tuesday evening, I travelled 300 miles…for a holiday in Wales. Not by myself of course. Mum took me in her car, while Dad had my crate and suitcase (full of tasty treats) in his. For the first couple of hours, I chased the traffic, moving my head right round to watch every big lorry go by. Great game! After that, I spent ages unravelling the edge of the car mat toy that Mum had thoughtfully left for me. She’s the best 🙂

Next, we had a pitstop so we could have a wee and get some food…I managed to beg a corner off a ham panini. Mmmmmm, lip smackingly good. When we got back in the car, I discovered that Mum had put a new toy in for me. Between the two front seats, she’d hidden a paper coffee cup. And it was half full!! While she was busy getting back on the motorway, I managed to grab it. After emptying out the contents onto her ‘car cardigan’ that was on the back seat, I chewed the cup to shreds. Certainly passed the time.

It was starting to get pretty dark, so I figured that I ought to get some sleep but it’s hard when stuff is so exciting. I discovered that, despite being strapped in with a doggy seat belt, I could still reach forward enough to rest my head on Mum’s shoulder. That’s where it stayed for the rest of the journey.

Once we had arrived at Granny Menna’s (Dad’s Mum), well, all I remember is waking up on Wednesday morning – and by then it was time to get going again! Off to the park for a morning walk we went, then a little drive to Llangollen. So many people there wanted to stroke me and look at my beautiful eyes. One lady even took a photo of me with my smart bandana on. Who can blame her?

If only I could slip out of this harness somehow...

If only I could slip out of this harness somehow…

Check out the tongue action!

Check out the tongue action!

Brain freeze!!!

Brain freeze!!!

More holiday capers later, so stay tuned.

H x