Happy New Year people!

Wow. It’s been ages! I hope you’re all well out there and have been living every day to the full. I certainly have 🙂

Let's play!!! What do you mean you just want to sit down for five minutes?

Let’s play!!! What do you mean you just want to sit down for five minutes?

I’ll post a review of my Summer of Fun shortly (yeah…a little late I know, but I promise you’ll love it) but before that, let’s talk about my amazing Christmas. Note to self: ‘Hector’s Amazing Christmas’ is a great idea for a movie…or maybe a book…or maybe both. Yeah, both. Anyway, Dad was lucky enough to have a whole month off work (sort of) over the festive period. That meant we could play ‘hang off the bottom of your trousers’ EVERY SINGLE DAY.

It’s also helped pass the time a bit because Mum has had a knee operation and can’t currently take me out by herself (apparently she could take out a dog that didn’t act like it was pulling a cart every time it was on the lead, whatever that means). At one point I did think she was just being lazy, but then I tested the theory by barking right in her face for about 10 minutes straight and poking my nose in my harness just in case she hadn’t quite got the message. It seems she really does have a poorly knee. But it is getting better now and we’ve been out for ice cream and all sorts:

Look how well mannered I can be...erm...I mean, I am!

Look how well mannered I can be…erm…I mean, I am!


Yes, that is a rather large yellow pole. They were putting up Christmas lights at the cafe. And yes, Mum does have her eyes closed...there's always one!

Yes, that is a rather large yellow pole. They were putting up Christmas lights at the cafe. And yes, Mum does have her eyes closed…there’s always one!

For Christmas, I got loads of treats and a soft toy turkey (now dead). Uncle Matthew bought me a cool Snowman toy too (now dead). Then Mum snapped up a stuffed penguin in the New Year sale for me (now dead). Honestly though, the best bit has been playing with the big cardboard tubes out of the middle of the wrapping paper rolls (also now dead). How much fun can one dog have?!!

In other news, I’ve been inspired by all the Strictly Come Dancing fever over Christmas (Mum and Dad left it on for me to watch while they went to the gym). What do you make of this footwork, Darcy? A nice efface methinks:

Just look at those pointed toes. 10/10 surely?

Just look at those pointed toes. 10/10 surely?


Apart from that, it’s all been rather quiet really. Just three or four walks a day, playing with my friends in the park at sun down, pinching tea towels off the counter, opening the post. You know, dog stuff.

Lots of love for now,

H x


Vernal equinox means one thing…

It’s Spring…therefore…the ice cream parlours are back open. Thank the Lord!

If only the service were a bit quicker. Apparently they don’t all speak dog and some still require a human slave to do the ordering. Really?

A vanilla cornet please...

A vanilla cornet please…

Come on...I've been waiting months for this!

Come on…I’ve been waiting months for this!

Anyway, got it in the end. Bliss! Until some bloke on a bike looked like he was gonna steal it. But I saw him off with a huge helping of side eye 😉 No one comes between me and my cornet!

Nom nom nom...

Nom nom nom…


You on the bike...back away from the ice cream...

You on the bike…back away from the ice cream…

H x


Christmas has come early

As you’ve probably gathered, Mum and Dad pretty much spend their whole lives entertaining me…taking me out…and buying me prezzies. Now that the Christmas ranges are hitting the shops, Mum just can’t help but pick up the odd little toy to put a smile on my face (note from Hector’s Mum: actually, to keep him busy for two whole minutes…if we’re lucky).

Yesterday, she came home with this:


Less than 24 hours later, it looks like this:


The sound it makes is incredible! So loud! I’ve been pushing it up against Dad’s legs to get the full effect. Brilliant. Pretty sure the neighbours love it too.

Can’t wait to see what my actual Christmas present will be now. Perhaps it’ll be a giant squeaky Octopus? Or a stocking full of treats? Christmas Pudding flavour ice cream maybe? Or perhaps Mum will persuade Dad that I really do need a doggy friend? (Hint, hint).

H x


Because I’m worth it

It’s been another tough day. First, Dad took me on a morning ‘cat walk’ around the village. Then we returned home for some breakfast and a game of ‘pinch the underwear off the washing line’. Never fails to entertain!

At lunch time, we went to the pet shop where lots of nice people stroked me (note from Hector’s Mum: and stroked his ego) and we got plenty of tasty treats. Next stop, the beach. Here I am doing my best to look like a model dog…or is that a dog model?

Hope you enjoy (as much as I did)!

H x

Ears blowing - check. Far away gaze - check.

Ears blowing – check. Far away gaze – check.

Puppy dog eyes - check.

Puppy dog eyes – check.

Cornish vanilla ice cream lipstick - check.

Cornish vanilla ice cream lipstick – check.


Almost famous

Today started with my usual trip to the park, but it was really really busy. Of course that meant that there were dogs everywhere (YES!!) and I dragged politely took Mum round to see them all. I am a good boy.

At lunch we went to the seafront, via the pet shop. Outside the store was an RSPB man who was promoting the charity with various leaflets and props, including a toy otter…which I stole off the table while he wasn’t looking!

A nice lady saw my stealth skills at work and came over to give me a cuddle because she thought it was funny. I put my paws on her shoulders and gave her face a big lick. It worked. She loved me. Another heart conquered.

After getting some free snacks at the pet shop (they keep a bowl at the counter for me – oh, and the other dogs), I managed to persuade Dad to get me an ice cream on the promenade. It was the best one ever…I even ate the whole cone!

Could you possibly hold that up a little bit and maybe a centimetre to the left? Thanks Dad...you're the best.

Could you possibly hold that up a little bit and maybe a centimetre to the left? Thanks Dad…you’re the best.

As if that wasn’t enough action for one day, Dad took me on a special tea time cat patrol. As an added bonus, there was one of the furry critters right outside the front gate. Got him…almost.

H x


Road trip!

On Tuesday evening, I travelled 300 miles…for a holiday in Wales. Not by myself of course. Mum took me in her car, while Dad had my crate and suitcase (full of tasty treats) in his. For the first couple of hours, I chased the traffic, moving my head right round to watch every big lorry go by. Great game! After that, I spent ages unravelling the edge of the car mat toy that Mum had thoughtfully left for me. She’s the best 🙂

Next, we had a pitstop so we could have a wee and get some food…I managed to beg a corner off a ham panini. Mmmmmm, lip smackingly good. When we got back in the car, I discovered that Mum had put a new toy in for me. Between the two front seats, she’d hidden a paper coffee cup. And it was half full!! While she was busy getting back on the motorway, I managed to grab it. After emptying out the contents onto her ‘car cardigan’ that was on the back seat, I chewed the cup to shreds. Certainly passed the time.

It was starting to get pretty dark, so I figured that I ought to get some sleep but it’s hard when stuff is so exciting. I discovered that, despite being strapped in with a doggy seat belt, I could still reach forward enough to rest my head on Mum’s shoulder. That’s where it stayed for the rest of the journey.

Once we had arrived at Granny Menna’s (Dad’s Mum), well, all I remember is waking up on Wednesday morning – and by then it was time to get going again! Off to the park for a morning walk we went, then a little drive to Llangollen. So many people there wanted to stroke me and look at my beautiful eyes. One lady even took a photo of me with my smart bandana on. Who can blame her?

If only I could slip out of this harness somehow...

If only I could slip out of this harness somehow…

Check out the tongue action!

Check out the tongue action!

Brain freeze!!!

Brain freeze!!!

More holiday capers later, so stay tuned.

H x





How I made an old lady’s day

As it was such a scorcher, we all went to Dover beach today. It was amazing – lots of people, bikes, dogs, smells…you name it. Naturally I was desperate to go in the water, but it was so busy with swimmers and windsurfers that Dad thought I might make a nuisance of myself (shocker)! Thankfully though, there was another treat in store for me:


Bordoodle eats Mr Whippy ice cream

Can I get any closer to this cone?

Sat at the end of the bench where I was scoffing my ice cream was a lovely old lady who kept watching me and smiling. Just as I finished off the cone, she said “that’s made my day”. It turns out that she, now 90, grew up with dogs. More than anything, she missed having dogs around the house, she said. So I went over to her, put my feet on the edge of the bench and gave her a big kiss on the cheek. Awww.

Perhaps there is a career for me in visiting retirement homes? Well, as long as they have plenty of insurance in place ☺

H x