Bad hair day

Fowlmead Country Park, here I come!

Yes, you guessed it: Mum had a day off from work today so that she could get back to feeling like a proper person entertain me 🙂

We went over to Granny and Grandad’s for lunch first – and while we were there I showed off my excellent header skills with the football. Soon enough, it was time to harness up and get on the road to the park.

Molly spent the whole journey in the car trying to make a comfy bed on Mum’s back seat and I barked at the electric windows – in the hope that they would open. Sometimes they do…but I can’t quite work out who controls them…yet!

The park was awesome as ever. Birds, toadstools, fish, cyclists, ice cream. The list goes on. One thing I wasn’t quite so keen on was the extreme wind today:

Did someone say 'Chewbacca'?

Did someone say ‘Chewbacca’?

It’s hard to see all of the squirrels when you’ve got hair blowing everywhere. Even worse, it’s hard for everyone to see how handsome I really am!

H x


Pom bear

Yesterday, I found a hat down the back of the sofa. And it wasn’t just any hat. It was woolly on the outside, fleecy on the inside. It had dangly ear bits and tassels. Best of all, it had a huge pom pom on top. Yesssss!!!

Here’s what happened next:

Oh, and as for the title of this post, well Grandad’s nickname for me is ‘Bear’ and Mum just loves those crazy crisp critters, so it was the perfect fit!

H x


Easy like Sunday morning

Dad has been away this weekend, so it’s been a good opportunity to spend some quality time with Mum’s bed Mum. This picture pretty much says it all!

H x

I'll have to submit a request to 'The Management Committee' for a King Size!

I’ll have to submit a request to ‘The Management Committee’ for a King Size!

Note from Hector’s Mum: actually, that picture doesn’t even tell half the story! He snuck upstairs while I was getting changed, plundered the laundry basket for underwear, and proceeded to chew it on the bed. The real deal:

Nom nom nom...this bra tastes amazing!

Nom nom nom…this bra tastes amazing!


Christmas has come early

As you’ve probably gathered, Mum and Dad pretty much spend their whole lives entertaining me…taking me out…and buying me prezzies. Now that the Christmas ranges are hitting the shops, Mum just can’t help but pick up the odd little toy to put a smile on my face (note from Hector’s Mum: actually, to keep him busy for two whole minutes…if we’re lucky).

Yesterday, she came home with this:


Less than 24 hours later, it looks like this:


The sound it makes is incredible! So loud! I’ve been pushing it up against Dad’s legs to get the full effect. Brilliant. Pretty sure the neighbours love it too.

Can’t wait to see what my actual Christmas present will be now. Perhaps it’ll be a giant squeaky Octopus? Or a stocking full of treats? Christmas Pudding flavour ice cream maybe? Or perhaps Mum will persuade Dad that I really do need a doggy friend? (Hint, hint).

H x


Because I’m worth it

It’s been another tough day. First, Dad took me on a morning ‘cat walk’ around the village. Then we returned home for some breakfast and a game of ‘pinch the underwear off the washing line’. Never fails to entertain!

At lunch time, we went to the pet shop where lots of nice people stroked me (note from Hector’s Mum: and stroked his ego) and we got plenty of tasty treats. Next stop, the beach. Here I am doing my best to look like a model dog…or is that a dog model?

Hope you enjoy (as much as I did)!

H x

Ears blowing - check. Far away gaze - check.

Ears blowing – check. Far away gaze – check.

Puppy dog eyes - check.

Puppy dog eyes – check.

Cornish vanilla ice cream lipstick - check.

Cornish vanilla ice cream lipstick – check.


Almost famous

Today started with my usual trip to the park, but it was really really busy. Of course that meant that there were dogs everywhere (YES!!) and I dragged politely took Mum round to see them all. I am a good boy.

At lunch we went to the seafront, via the pet shop. Outside the store was an RSPB man who was promoting the charity with various leaflets and props, including a toy otter…which I stole off the table while he wasn’t looking!

A nice lady saw my stealth skills at work and came over to give me a cuddle because she thought it was funny. I put my paws on her shoulders and gave her face a big lick. It worked. She loved me. Another heart conquered.

After getting some free snacks at the pet shop (they keep a bowl at the counter for me – oh, and the other dogs), I managed to persuade Dad to get me an ice cream on the promenade. It was the best one ever…I even ate the whole cone!

Could you possibly hold that up a little bit and maybe a centimetre to the left? Thanks're the best.

Could you possibly hold that up a little bit and maybe a centimetre to the left? Thanks Dad…you’re the best.

As if that wasn’t enough action for one day, Dad took me on a special tea time cat patrol. As an added bonus, there was one of the furry critters right outside the front gate. Got him…almost.

H x


The Hand of Dog

OK, so I’m not quite Rooney or Beckham, but you have to admit that my football skills are pretty unique. It’s a shame about Mum’s awful passes though…I mean how am I supposed to work with that?

And as for her commentary, well…all I can do is apologise ☺

H x

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Castle hopping

Yesterday we went to Dad’s favourite castle: Caergwrle (no, that’s not a dog spelling, it’s a Welsh one).

It was up a really steep hill, so Mum took hold of my lead and I pulled her all the way up, which she was genuinely grateful for…everyone else was trailing behind having a breather! At the top, there were some brilliant ruins to explore.

Ready, set, go!

Ready, set, go!


I know it says 'dogs on the lead' but that surely only applies to normal dogs?

I know it says ‘dogs on the lead’ but that surely only applies to normal dogs?

Once we’d sniffed seen everything up at the summit, we made our way back down to the town where we had lunch in a little sandwich bar. After sitting up proudly like a good boy, everyone gave in to my charms…mmm…turkey…ham…cheese…sausage. Yum.

Later in the day, Mum and Dad took me out to the park again (because I’d managed to do a really convincing impression of needing the bathroom…hee hee). Then, Uncle Jeremy and Auntie Lucy came round for dinner.

Auntie Lucy is lovely and I wanted so badly to kiss her face. Uncle Jeremy, on the other hand, was carrying a crutch because of his hurt leg – so naturally I barked at him ridiculously loudly until he put the offending item down and gave me a tasty treat.

All in all, not a bad day!

H x



Molls on hols

Those of you who know me well, or are regular readers of my blog, will realise that I’m quite a happy chappy. In fact, every day is an amazing adventure. But this weekend has literally been the BEST THING EVER! Granny and Grandad have been away visiting Uncle Matthew and Auntie Katie, so my best friend Molly (note from Hector’s Mum: not sure the relationship is entirely reciprocal, especially when the face barking is at its most intense, but hey) has been to stay with me for two nights. It’s been awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

On Friday, Mum took us both to the beach and we pulled her into the water with her favourite new shoes on. Brilliant. Then we both scoffed loads of sea water and promptly had upset tummies all over the promenade. That gave Mum a chance to show off her fancy new polka dot poop bags, so I’m pretty sure she loved our presents 😀

I'll let Molly go first, that's what gentlemen do. What? Who said 'wimp'? I resent that accusation. Chivalry is not dead.

I’ll let Molly go first, that’s what gentlemen do. What? Who said ‘wimp’? I resent that accusation. Chivalry is not dead.


Let’s get a little seaweed facial while we’re here…

Next stop was the pet shop, where I chose a fluffy football…well, I pinched it off the shelf, carried it round the store and covered it in slobber so Mum had to buy it for me. I also negotiated a huge new dog duvet for myself. Who can resist my puppy dog eyes?

But when we got home, it didn’t turn out quite as I’d expected:

Still feels a little lumpy. One more super loud scratching session should get it perfect.

Still feels a little lumpy. One more super loud scratching session should get it perfect.


So, Molly has been sleeping on my new bed for the last two nights. But it’s OK. I let her because I love her. And she lets me waggle my bum at her and bark really loudly in her ears when I want to play…just like I did at 8 o’clock this morning. It’s a match made in heaven.

Not sure why Molly was wagging so much when we took her back to Granny and Grandad’s today though. But then, she is only a cocker spaniel. She doesn’t quite have the brainpower of Bordoodle. Simple minds, simple pleasures.

Ah, what it is to be me!

H x