New balls please!

Wimbledon fever has just about calmed down here in the UK, but there’s no reason why a handsome hound can’t still request some new balls (no sniggering please, I just heard Mum say to Dad that the ‘special operation’ is in the diary for early August)!

Anyhow, as you know, I have my humans very well trained. So they didn’t just get me a few new balls, they got…well…THESE:


Also brilliant this spring/summer has been Mum’s discovery of a new beach at Sandwich Bay after Dad got fined £75 for taking me for a dip on Dover seafront (where they’ve changed the rules on canine companions)…ouch! Anyway, forget Dover Beach. It’s so yesterday. Sandwich Bay is THE place to be. Check me out:

Hasselhoff eat your heart out...

Step aside David Hasselhoff…

Could be treasure. Could be a dead fish. The same thing you say?

Could be treasure. Could be a dead fish. The same thing you say?

In other news, more than the aforementioned body parts are due to get the chop. No really! Mum has also scheduled in a haircut for this Friday apparently. Here’s why:

Forget photo bombing, fluff bombing is all the rage!

Forget photo bombing, fluff bombing is all the rage!

I’m pretty sure she is the one in dire need of a makeover, but given that she will have to feed me the meat off a whole chicken (or a block of cheese) to get me to sit still on the grooming table, maybe I’ll put up with it for a bit 🙂

Hope you guys are well out there and having as nice a time as me!

H x



Hair today, gone tomorrow

It’s happened…Mum has given me a haircut!! She said it was getting too long, too matted and that I looked like an old man. But I know she just wanted to test out her (rather new) grooming skills.

As she’s only been grooming for a few months, I thought it would be best if I really did give her a challenge. You know…just so she could get the full experience.

So…I kept following the clippers with my head when she was running them all over my body, trying to lick the blades, and maybe play bite her hand a bit. Hee hee. I also made a number of attempts to eat the scissors, oh, and to jump off the grooming table.

At the end of the day, Mum definitely agreed that I’d set her a proper challenge. Ah, one aims to please 🙂

Anyway, check out the before and after pics below. I actually love my new look…it’s easier to squeeze through small spaces and to jump over the sofa. Also, everyone we meet thinks I look like a proper puppy now, so the number of strangers trying to cuddle me has rocketed. Bonus!!

H x

Beards are beautiful...

Beards are beautiful…

But (apparently) they're much better when they're under control!

But (apparently) they’re much better when they’re under control!