All About Hector

DOB: 27.08.2013

Hector is cross between a Border Collie (on his mother’s side) and a Standard Poodle called Rocky (obviously on his father’s side) – so he kind of looks like a Border Collie with curly hair. Well he does at the moment. He appears to have the intelligence (too smart for his own good) of the Collie and the fun nature (ie: naughty) of the Poodle. If we told you he hasn’t been to the toilet once in the house since we brought him home because he understands what he’s supposed to do, you’ll get a snapshot of just how smart he is – though we do both work from home which probably helps a lot.

Having said that, the Poodle inside him is obsessed with the curtains. Who would have guessed that a running tap could be the Alton Towers of the dog world.

We’ll try and log here some diet things that worked for us (and didn’t), some training things that worked for us (and also didn’t) and generally hand out as much advice as we can for others – along with some pics and videos. We’re no experts (although we’ve both had dogs before ranging from Cocker Spaniels to German Shepherds) this time though, we’re on our own!


6 thoughts on “All About Hector

  1. Happy Birthday Hector! I live in Oregon. I found your blog yesterday. I have a Bordoodle pup coming to me right before Christmas. I lost my Border Collie Sophie in June after a lovely 13 years and two months. Soph was my best and constant companion. I rescued her as a pup. I will be interested in following Hector’s adventures. Take Care. Karen

    • Hi Karen

      Thank you! Mum and Dad sent me an amazing birthday card…I’ll post a picture of it when Mum finally takes it down from the ‘safe’ shelf.

      So sorry to hear about your lovely Border Collie. Sounds like you had an amazing bond though and I know your Bordoodle will give you years of great pleasure!

      Do send my Mum some photos of your new Christmas arrival. She will then be able to remember how tiny and cute I was…once!!

      Love and kisses

      Hector x

  2. Hi,

    I have a Collie Doodle called Rafa and I really would like to send you pics of him as he is the spitting image of Hector, it’s uncanny I tell you. Rafa is now 6 months old and is crossed with a miniature poodle, we love finding out what mischief Hector has got himself into, it makes us smile 😊
    Tracy & Rafa 🐢

  3. Hi Hector
    Just thought I would drop in to let you know how much I enjoyed our playtime today. I really do hope we can play again before too long.

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