Vernal equinox means one thing…

It’s Spring…therefore…the ice cream parlours are back open. Thank the Lord!

If only the service were a bit quicker. Apparently they don’t all speak dog and some still require a human slave to do the ordering. Really?

A vanilla cornet please...

A vanilla cornet please…

Come on...I've been waiting months for this!

Come on…I’ve been waiting months for this!

Anyway, got it in the end. Bliss! Until some bloke on a bike looked like he was gonna steal it. But I saw him off with a huge helping of side eye 😉 No one comes between me and my cornet!

Nom nom nom...

Nom nom nom…


You on the bike...back away from the ice cream...

You on the bike…back away from the ice cream…

H x


Another string to my bow

As some of you will know, I became an official bus inspector (for the day) a few weeks ago. Since then, Mum and Dad have been trying to find me more jobs to do. Apparently I need to be kept busy?? Yeah, that didn’t really make sense to me either, especially when I know that the dog trainer said I have a lot of my own ‘ideas’.

Anyway, I went along with it all, as you do. So, here I am being the cafe inspector in Kearsney Abbey – caught the kitchen workers unawares by peeking through the back window!

Window Hector

I think I’d better taste that cheese (again). You can never be too careful where customers are concerned.

And here is the excellent redecorating work I did in the lounge this week.

I call it 'cloud floor'. Don't tread on my dreams.

I call it ‘cloud floor’. Don’t tread on my dreams.

You might mock, but Picasso had his detractors in the day. Just you wait.

H x