Down to the river to play…

Oh yeah. River. Stones. Splashing. What could be better?




Stop staring at my 'legs'!

Stop staring at my ‘legs’!

Ok, ok. A bit of passing traffic to satisfy my Border Collie herding urge wouldn’t go amiss either! See how hard I am trying not to pay attention to the cars going by 🙂

H x



Copy cat…er…dog

Great news! I’ve got another friend 🙂 He’s called Rafa, and as you can see, he likes to model himself on me:

He's even got a big white sock!

He’s even got a big white sock!

According to Rafa’s Mum, Tracy, he loves a tennis ball and has somewhat of a naughty streak. Sounds like my kind of guy! In case you’re wondering, Rafa is a miniature Bordoodle… so not quite as big in the body as me, but his personality is definitely a match.

And he sits so nicely too! Now all Rafa needs is a bow tie like mine :)

And he sits so nicely too! Now all Rafa needs is a bow tie like mine 🙂

My Mum says that there are a few big differences between us though: Rafa doesn’t seem to ‘collect’ ornaments like I do, nor does he ‘paint’ the carpet with mud. Oh well, I’m sure Tracy will manage to see her way past Rafa’s lack of interior design expertise! After all, he is only 6 months old 🙂

H x


Hector’s New Year Look Book

Sorry for the lack of posts lately folks – my Mum has been a bit under the weather, so I have been busy looking after her. You know, making sure she gets plenty of long walks, that sort of thing 🙂

Anyway, here’s a quick photo tour (aka look book) of what I’ve been up to. Naturally, with the sea air being so good for you, I’ve been taking Mum to the beach a fair bit:

Pensive. It's my new look.

Pensive. It’s my new look.


Poised for action. It's my day-to-day look.

Poised for action. It’s my day-to-day look.


Erm...doing dressage. It's not a good look.

Erm…doing dressage. It’s not a good look.

And wearing a bow tie to get Mum to smile: (ignore Dad there – he’s trying to take a selfie with me…who can blame him?!)

Bow tie. It's my festive look.

Bow tie. It’s my festive look.

We’ll quickly skip over my trip to the vets after swallowing a glove. Let’s just say they made it magically reappear and I felt pretty sorry for myself:

Just don't look!

Just don’t look!

Finally, I have a new (long distance) friend called Sage, who belongs to the very lucky Karen out in the US of A. Yup, she’s a bordoodle too (Sage, not Karen)!

Take another look. Gorgeous!

Take another look. Gorgeous!

Hope you’ve enjoyed my New Year Look Book. Check back in soon!

H x