Adventuring again

Special trip alert! Mum and Dad took me and Molly to Fowlmead country park today. It’s an amazing place with so many great smells and trails. And because it’s built for BMXing there are loads of mud puddles too. Apparently it used to be a colliery and it has since been turned into this fantastic place to walk, run, jump, bark, sniff, walk, run, bark, pull on the lead…you get the picture.

I can’t wait to go back! That said, I really hope Mum and Dad don’t get the ‘He’s a bordoodle’ t-shirts they keep joking about before our next visit. Apparently so many people keep asking what breed I am (because I’m so handsome), that signage would be helpful ☺

H x

You've been keeping track of the way back, right?

You’ve been keeping track of the way back, right? 


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