Did you miss me?

Hey folks, I’m back. Sorry it’s been a while, but being such a famous hound, I have so little time to myself now. Yeah, I wish. One day. Yes, one day, someone will talent spot me…just you wait.

In preparation for that day, I’ve had a smashing haircut and have been doing LOTS of exercise. Mum even took me back to the doggy pool. It was awesome:

Bordoodle swimmimg

Yeah, I could go off by myself, but Mum has only been swimming for 30 odd years, so she might need my help. I’ll stay close to her.

Bordoodle swimming with owner

This brings a whole new meaning to joined at the hip…

And afterwards…

Tired Bordoodle

Yes, this really IS me lying down quietly. Captured on camera for all you unbelievers to see!

In other news, I recently spent a week on a lads’ holiday (at home with Dad) cos Mum had to go to Singapore for work. We ate rubbish and stayed up late. Dad also let me on the sofa…brilliant!

I did manage to pick up a bit of a cough from all the midnight partying, but now I’m back on top form. In fact, I’ve been feeling so good lately that I’ve been helping out loads more round the house…gathering up laundry, making sure there are no tea towels left lying on the counter, cleaning bowls and plates, draining coffee cups. You name it, I’m your man.

H x


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