Getting MY ducks in a row

Everyone who knows me knows how smart I am. It’s a Bordoodle thing. But that heritage also means that I love to herd anything that moves. Oh, and ‘budge’ people if they are standing in the wrong place or not doing the right thing. I also like to bark at anything that isn’t doing exactly what I want it to – like the Kong when it doesn’t dispense treats quickly enough, or Mum when she is being REALLY slow at getting my dinner ready 🙂

In the park today, I got my first look at some baby quackers. They were running all over the place…didn’t take me long to line them up though. Who needs sheep when you can have ducklings?

Mummy duck was most impressed, but then a BIG swan came over to have a look and I had to run for cover.

H x

Ducklings in the park

If you even move a feather, my shiny wet nose will touch your tiny beak faster than you can say ‘breadcrumbs’…



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