Doggy paddle

Keen followers of my blog will remember mention of a doggy swimming pool. Well, last weekend it actually happened!

Mum and Granny took me on a LONG drive – in fact it was so dull that I had to chew through my special seat belt just so that I could go and see Mum in the front of the car. Anyway, after about an hour we arrived at The Brook. It’s officially called a canine hydrotherapy centre and they treat lots of poorly dogs there and make them better, but to me it was just about fun 🙂

The nice man there put a thingumabob (note from Hector’s Mum: buoyancy aid) round my neck and tummy so that I could swim safely. At first I was a bit sceptical because I usually like to have my feet on the ground and splash about, but Mum kept swimming up and down in the warm water, so I decided I might as well join in too:

Bordoodle swimming

Hey! Wait for me!

We are going back in a few weeks’ time so I can perfect my doggy paddle technique. Can’t wait!

H x


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