Doggy paddle

Keen followers of my blog will remember mention of a doggy swimming pool. Well, last weekend it actually happened!

Mum and Granny took me on a LONG drive – in fact it was so dull that I had to chew through my special seat belt just so that I could go and see Mum in the front of the car. Anyway, after about an hour we arrived at The Brook. It’s officially called a canine hydrotherapy centre and they treat lots of poorly dogs there and make them better, but to me it was just about fun 🙂

The nice man there put a thingumabob (note from Hector’s Mum: buoyancy aid) round my neck and tummy so that I could swim safely. At first I was a bit sceptical because I usually like to have my feet on the ground and splash about, but Mum kept swimming up and down in the warm water, so I decided I might as well join in too:

Bordoodle swimming

Hey! Wait for me!

We are going back in a few weeks’ time so I can perfect my doggy paddle technique. Can’t wait!

H x


Holiday diary: a day in the park

Good morning world. Today, I have been to stay with Aunty Jo for a break from the olds. There wasn’t a whole lot going on today, so I went to the park and got my picture taken with my hair blowing in the wind. In this first one, you can see I’m considering making a break for it and taking a swim:

photo 3

Those birds look like they might want to play now I come to think about it… hmm.

photo 4

And here, are some daffodils. Given half a chance, I think I could schnopp them all down to the ground.

photo 5

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I hear there’s a tasty Ear of Cow up for grabs..

photo 2

Yep – they don’t last long though. They don’t make ’em like they used to!

photo 1

So that was my day folks! If anybody is interested in booking me for catalogue jobs or you have anything you need eating in a hurry (I had a tasty hairband this morning), you know where to find me.

Right now though, I think it might be time for a nap.

H x


Putting things into perspective

It has been such a busy weekend. On Saturday, we went to the beach in the morning – I caught lots of waves and caught the eye of a nice lady who came over and gave me a stroke. She said I was lovely (or was that lively). Then in the afternoon we went over to Granny’s for a run around.

Because it’s Mum’s birthday soon, there were loads of people there…all to see me…er, all to see Mum. I made sure they felt very welcome by jumping up and shaking their hands in my big mouth 🙂

Today we’ve been back over to Granny’s and I gave Molly a good chase round. Naturally I finished the visit off with a dip in the pond…mmm…I smell great!

Because there has been so much going on, I’ve been trying to stay up as long as possible, so as not to miss anything!! In fact, when the ‘bed’ word has been said this weekend, I’ve rushed under the dining room table and taken refuge. But this afternoon, it just all got too much. I was so tired that I slid down the kitchen cupboard into a puddle on the floor. Mum came and scooped me up and carried me back to bed. After all, I’m just a tiny puppy.

H x

Big Hector

Heaving Hector


Brown eyed boy

So, on Friday I went for my first haircut. Mum took me over to Manston where Auntie Julie the haircut lady lives. Molly was also getting a trim, but even though she was there to watch my back, I still had to keep a very close eye on the four massive (6 inch high) chihuahuas. Man they were scary.

Anyway, Auntie Julie muscled me on to her trimming table and Mum held me still while Granny fed me sausage. Now, I am the handsomest bordoodle on the block – and I can see even better to steal things. Life is great!

H x