Dogzilla strikes again

Ah, it’s been another busy day for me. Wreaking havoc is hard work!

Today, I have: bitten Dad’s big toe (by mistake – I thought it was a shoe) so hard that it bled; stolen Grandad’s reading glasses and two of his best crossword pens; drunk out of Granny’s tea and Mummy’s cup of coffee – when they had just been made, peed on my ice pop toy in the garden; dug a hole in the flowerbed (while growling and barking at it) and tried my very best to jump over the baby gate so that I could go upstairs to find Daddy…even though I don’t actually know how to climb the stairs yet.

I also had a great time chasing my friend Molly round Granny’s and Grandad’s big field…finishing off with a lie down, yes a lie down, in the stinky pond. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings…

H x


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