A day at the beach

Let’s start on a positive note for people who appreciate a cute looking Deputy Dawg. This is Eleanor’s favourite right now:

He’s getting big – all legs like a young gazelle. Kind of hard to believe he’s just 16 weeks old. This is most noticeable by how far he can reach when he jumps up at the kitchen counter – and not noticeable at all in this picture at all so I’ll try and take one later. Pretty soon, I’m going to have to put some shelves up or one of those Victorian things that’s on wheels and attached to the ceiling.

Still, he’s healthy and happy which is all you can ask for. There’s a line in the Alice Cooper song Eighteen that goes “I’m a boy and I’m a man…” which is pretty much where we find ourselves with Mr Meltdown. Life seems to be two steps forwards, one step back with him right now but that’s a better result than one step forward and two steps back I guess.

Here’s a comprehensive list of things he does that we’d rather he didn’t:


Apart from this, both of us could probably handle everything else because the rest is nothing more than him being four months old. It’s not just a nip to the hand either – an ankle is a good target, as is a good looking calf. If neither of these are attractive enough, he’s not beyond jumping for your tricep – and that one really hurts. It’s like some kind of doggie martial art but I’m putting it down to 90% teething/10% being young.

It’s not aggressive biting though – sometimes he absolutely knows where your sock ends and your skin begins but all the same, we might need to get some professional advice on this. I suspect it might be part of his herding mentality – then again, if you look at it with dog eyes, it does look like a pretty fun game to play. Let’s see how it goes for the next couple of weeks. If it is teething, we have plenty of socks soaked in water and then frozen to make ‘who cares if they get destroyed’ teething toys if you’re interested.

I make it sound like it’s all under control but every now and then, he can really take you so far to the brink of your patience, you can look over the edge and see it smoking. It’s not all doom and destruction though – far from it.


Yesterday, we went down to the beach to see what he would make of the sea. That’s my cue for a video clip:

Seems pretty obvious to us that the beach is going to be a great place to go. He was so tired when we got back, he slept for hours and best of all, he smelled like a dog that had been in the sea instead of a dog that accidentally on purpose fell in the pond over at Eleanor’s folks house – but as I write this that’s where they’ve gone right now, so we might be back to square one again in an hour or so.

More later… I hear the car pulling up.


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