A tale of two settees

What a week it’s been. Mum and Dad have been off work, so every day we’ve been going to meet Molly (Granny’s rescue cocker spaniel who is scared of everything – except me of course – and guards her bed like the crown jewels). When we get together, we spend ages romping around in a huge paddock and there’s even a pond for me to be all Poodle-y in. It’s brilliant! I love it!

But even better than that, Mum has bought me a new bed – just look at the pics below. She also seems to have bought herself a new bed, but for some reason she doesn’t like to sit in it. Weird.

H x

Bordoodle on sofa

Here I am chilling on my new buffalo leather settee…er bed…with Mr Puppy.

Empty dog bed

Mum’s new ‘bed’ which she never sits in. In fact, she’s always trying to hog mine. She should know better!


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