In the sin bin

Although everyone can see that I’m just a fun loving kinda guy, even I admit that I can be a bit over the top sometimes. This is normally when Mum starts saying ‘calm down’ and I totally ignore her or go and hide under the reclining sofa. But I think I might have taken it a bit too far today (er… and yesterday and the day before).

From the minute I got up, I barked at Dad to play with me…and pulled his socks, his pyjamas, his hands, his arms…you get the picture. And I barked and barked for two whole hours to get his attention. All I wanted was some supersonic action and tearing round the house and treats and a biting session and tug of war and the snake game and a walk and Mr Poindexter and the rope thing and my Kong Wobbler and my squeaky space hopper and a play in the paddling pool. Is that too much to ask?

Ok, maybe the space hopper just pushed it over into the realm of ridiculous. Anyway, I’m sorry Dad!! You’re just such a great person to play with. Especially when I get to lick your beard afterwards 🙂

Here I am being good, just in case you had forgotten what it looks like.

Hector on slobbery cushion

Mmm…chicken Kong… (said in best Homer Simpson voice)

H x


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