Hector’s Log: Jabs

Rewind: Hector had his second batch of jabs and was chipped on Monday evening, so… we’re going to attempt a short walk today and see what he makes of the outside world. I suspect we won’t get very far but that’s OK. For a start, he doesn’t much like having a collar on and he objects most strongly to the lead when he’s tried it on in the house, but rules are rules! With him still being in full blown puppy mode, we’re hoping that a short walk might be the answer to his ankle nipping and he’ll find some other things of interest to occupy his mind. Humans can always hope, right?

I’ll probably get into trouble for this but he’s grown very fond of drinking my tea which I think is fine. I haven’t looked on the web to see if that’s a good or a bad thing – maybe I should, but for now I’ve taken to making him his own cup of tea a couple of times a day (decaf – he doesn’t need to be any more high octane than he already is) and he seems to enjoy it as much as mine. Maybe I should cut it down to just one but so far, it doesn’t seem to be doing him any harm. The day before we picked him up, we discovered that the litter of pups had a deer carcass dumped in their pen (he’s a farm dog – different rules from the start!) so I figure the odd cup of tea can’t be that bad!

Certainly not as bad as the snail I think he ate in the garden yesterday anyway…



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