Welcome to Hector’s House

Bordoodle puppy on rug

Butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth
(Note from Hector’s Mum: appearances can be deceiving)

Yes. That’s me. Hector. Welcome to my world!

I’ve been at my new Mum (the ginger one) and Dad’s (the hairy one) house for just over a week now, and boy it’s been fun. I’ve already got them very well trained…when I tug on their trousers they give me loads of attention, pushing me away – it’s such a good game!

They also get really excited when I play with all their toys. There are shoes, tea towels, books, curtains, socks, curtains, plants, curtains. Did I mention the curtains?!

The only thing I don’t quite get is why Mum and Dad keep calling me ‘NO’ when clearly my name is Hector. They’ll learn 😉

H x


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